Forensic Van Conversion

Forensic Support Vehicle

A state of the art forensic support vehicle isn’t something you can just buy from the local garage. In collaboration with Willcox & King Engineering we have assisted in manufacturing assemblies to enable them to convert a basic vehicle into a specialist forensic support unit. Using a combination of modern manufacturing techniques, and old fashioned craftsmanship, we offer a range of services including the manufacture of:
  • Lockers
  • Custom sinks & water fixings
  • Conference table
  • ANPR Camera brackets
  • Washroom Cubicle
  • Lightbar mounting kits
  • Siren mounting kits
  • Front and rear fend off brackets
  • Custom MDT screen mounts
  • Number plate mounted light brackets

Cracking job chaps, we literally couldn’t do this without your help.

Julian Wilcox

Managing Director, Wilcox and King Engineering Ltd

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